The Kingdom of Edan

Online home of a micronational Constitutional Catholic Monarchy focused on building a better world through education, charity, and faith.

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Help Us Make a Better Country

The Kingdom of Edan is a serious effort to build a better country. How? By starting with how we think about what a country is and how it should be run. By focusing on a few key factors, Edan is a country about its people. These concepts are


  Edan is based upon the idea that the relationship between people and their government needs to be personal and direct. Leaders are accessible, involved, and accountable. 


   Edan believes that the ends cannot justify the means, that the well-being of its citizens is its only real goal. What is just and good is constant , not based upon votes or courts, but upon natural law.


  Families do not exist to support governments and economies; governments and economies exist to support families. The family is the basis of civilization, of government, of economics, and the  focus of Edan is on the family.


 Edan is built around a plan, not wishful thinking. By beginning with individuals and families and carefully building a just economy we can grow until we are self-sustaining.

  The result is a country that is as small, direct, local, and ethical as is possible. 

  Look around, learn about Edan and, we hope, join us in making a better country and a better world.

Note: The official blog of the Kingdom of Edan may be found here.