The Kingdom of Edan

Online home of a micronational Constitutional Catholic Monarchy focused on building a better world through education, charity, and faith.

Who We Are

The Kingdom of Edan is a Micronational Constitutional Catholic Monarchy dedicated to creating a non-territorial nation based upon justice and morality We plan to build this nation through natural growth over time by developing a unique culture, a just, sustainable economy and a government based upon sound moral principles.

What We Stand For

The Kingdom of Edan is founded on traditional Catholic Morality and the tenets of Distributism. We are here to remake a traditional society with stability, justice, morality, honor, and prosperity. This society would also have many charitable and missionary organizations associated with it.

Our Goal

We are an entirely serious attempt to rebuild a traditional Catholic monarchy. We will gain citizens, and peacefully acquire territory to further the goal of once again having a truly just Catholic society.

Our Morality

The Kingdom is founded entirely on Classic Tomistic morality. The Constitution states that life begins at conception, marriage is between a man and a woman, gender is immutable, and should the King be excommunicated he will be removed from the throne. These laws cannot be amended. We are not interested in being "multicultural" and we believe that subjective morality is a lie.

Why We Exist

We exist because more and more nations and other organizations are turning away from Catholic morality, or even any morality at all, and moving towards instability. Modern governments embrace unstable economics and policies, and decry and destroy Catholic institutions and traditions. We want to change that.

What We Do

The Kingdom is here to find a way to found a new nation in a peaceful manner. Until then, we are happy to hold discussions and debates on the theory of micronations and nationhood in general. We are accepting citizens as long as they're serious.