The Kingdom of Edan

Online home of a micronational Constitutional Catholic Monarchy focused on building a better world through education, charity, and faith.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Kingdom of Edan?

A: The Kingdom of Edan is a serious attempt to recreate a new kind of nation, one made up of people all over the world united in their dedication to a just society, economy, and government.

Q: What does 'a new kind of nation' mean?

A: Edan is a not like, say, Germany, a nation-state. Instead it is a Non-Territorial Nation; a country defined by its people, its laws, and its culture, not by lines on a map. This is similar to the Roma, the Baluch, and other, similar, groups.

Q: How do you pronounce 'Edan'?

A: It rhymes with 'We Can'.

Q: What does 'Edan' mean?

A: It is a Gaelic word that means 'fire'; it was picked to recall the importance of the Holy Spirit.

Q: Why do you call Edan a 'micronation'?

A: The word 'micronation' means 'a nation with a small population, small or no territory, or both'. Edan obviously fits this definition.

Q: I'm not Catholic, can I still join Edan?

A: Certainly. While the core principles of justice are inherently Catholic, anyone dedicated to building a better world can join Edan.

Q: Why is Edan a constitutional monarchy?

A: An hereditary monarchy with strict limits over the King's power is the most stable form of government over the long term. Since Edan is focused on stability and ethics, this was an obvious decision..

Q: Elsewhere you mention something about "feudal technocratic distributism", what's that?

A: Feudal technocratic distributism is the political-economic theory endorsed by the Kingdom. Feudal in that there is an explicit, not implicit, social contract between person and government. Technocratic in that meritocratic concepts are key to the development ofthe use of technology. Distributist in that it focuses on just actions in society, including economics..

Q: Are you a secessionist or terrorist group?

A: No, certainly not. When the time comes we will seek a peaceful way of acquiring sovereign territory. Another thing to remember, we are not a utopia. There is no perfect world, we just hope for one that's somewhat better.

Q: Why do you even want to make a new country?

A: Because there is no longer an existing country that follows consistent morals or sustainable economic systems.

Q: This is a role-playing pretend thing, right?

A: Wrong. This is a purely serious endeavor with goals, time lines, and dedicated people behind it.

Q: Sounds great! How do I join?

A: You must be over the age of 18 years, you must swear an oath, and you must fill out a valid census. At this point in time, the census is merely telling us your real name and some way of contacting you.

Q: Do I have to renounce my existing citizenship to join?

A: No, for a number of reasons. If your birth nation or nation of residence accepts double citizenships then so much the better, but even if it is strict about loyalties you can still join.

Q: Do I have to renounce my other micronational citizenship to join?

A: We would prefer that you at the very least avoid holding titles and positions of power in other micronations, but we will let you get away with it if you have a good reason.

Q: What will I do as a citizen?

A: Citizens can do everything from continue to develop theory to work on a number of projects for the kingdom. .

Q: If you succeed and become a sovereign nation, will I have to live there?

A: We would really like you too, but you can live abroad if you like. The exact legal requirements of citizens living abroad have yet to be determined.

Q: Can I see your constitution?

A: Sure! Just check it's page on this very website.

Q: How does your government work?

A: Check the constitution. For any particular questions, please visit the forums.

Q: What's your government doing?

A: Well, we currently don't have enough citizens to begin the democratic element of the government, and you could count our nobles on 1 hand. So we are currently searching for more loyal citizens. In the near future we will begin providing basic infrastructure services to our citizens.

For any other questions, please visit the forums.